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  • Is my data secure?
    Yes. All data is transmitted over SSL using 2048-bit encryption. Data is then further protected at the storage layer in the Cloud.. All users agree to a terms of use and a mutual non-disclosure of information. Before AGORA, your loan data with non-public information was often emailed to many (shotgun) in a non-secure format. This is a dangerous practice and in some cases is a violation of GLBA.
  • Who will see my data?
    Before listing a portfolio for sale, your data is never shown to other users. Upon listing, your loan data is visible only to approved buyers, pre-screened by AGORA.
  • What types of assets does AGORA list?
    Currently, AGORA only facilitates the trading/exchange of auto loans and auto retail installment contracts consisting of prime, near-prime, subprime, and BHPH. We also have buyers for bankruptcy, deficiency balance accounts, and charge-offs. All payment frequencies and interest methods are acceptable.
  • Does AGORA set terms of a sale?
    No. As a Seller, you can set the terms of the sale i.e. all-or-nothing trade, minimum principal balance sale amount, price, recourse, or anything else you want. It is totally up to you as the Seller. Buyers can either accept the terms or bid as they see fit and negotiate with the Seller.
  • Will I have to pay a broker fee?
    No. AGORA does not charge a broker fee. AGORA is the only online exchange that does not charge a broker fee.
  • How do I create a loan sale file for AGORA?
    Today, we integrate with Frazier and iDMS, and accept standard export formats from each. If you use a different DMS, AGORA provides a standard template to place your data into for use in importing into our system. Simply create your export file, then drag and drop onto AGORAs import page, and your loans will be boarded into our system.
  • Am I obligated to sell or buy?
    No. A Seller can reject bids and a buyer can choose not to bid. Upon acceptance of a bid, both Buyer and Seller work together to close, and are subject only to the terms and conditions negotiated between the two parties. AGORA is not part of those negotiations.
  • Does AGORA represent the Buyer or the Seller?
    AGORA does not represent any party to the transaction. AGORA is simply the exchange and platform serving to unite both parties, and help facilitate the transaction.