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Whether the Buyer or the Seller is actually funding the brokers’ fees, the cut is coming from both sides.  With no broker fees, you get more for your paper.  For years Dealers needed to get in touch with loan brokers and lose control of the bidding process.  Now you retain control, choose what is best for you, and build relationships, while getting more for your paper with less time, costs, and headaches.

AGORA Eliminates Broker Fees


No Broker Fees

One Marketplace

Never pay broker fees again. We eliminate the middle man, while keeping the integrity of the deal. Traditionally, Buyers (and sometimes Sellers) pay broker fees ranging from 1 to 3%.  No more!

Sellers gain access to more buyers, without having to go through multiple brokers.  AGORA unites the marketplace, and brings all parties under one, unified roof.  You’ll be notified of all activity for your portfolio listing, including pending bids, bids you’ve accepted or rejected.

Data Integrity and Security

Tools and Reporting

When your data is placed into AGORA, it’s standardized in the preferred format of ALL Buyers.  Buyers receive standardized data they know they can rely upon, and any and all data exceptions are identified and addressed.  This is all backed by the most up-to-date encryption and security protocols.

Portfolios and selections of loans are easy to list on the marketplace with AGORA’s intuitive filters and listing process.  For every selection of loans, whether creating a listing or viewing received bids, AGORA displays meaningful descriptive statistics and summary information, giving you the information necessary to make informed decisions.

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Get back the control you deserve. Trade with complete confidence and transparency. Time to see what AGORA can do for you.

What is AGORA?

AGORA is an online marketplace built for Buyers and Sellers of auto loans.  We bring security, efficiency, and standardization to your business through our online platform, and help match sellers with buyers to create liquidity and get transactions closed.

Our system pulls in data from the top Dealer Management Systems (DMS), and displays this information in a simple, yet effective dashboard that is customized to your business.  This data is then standardized into a single, industry-wide format for ease of use and transmission.

Take action through our open marketplace where you can sell your loan portfolios through efficient and effective communication with other parties.  It’s simple to list your loans with AGORA: upload a file, choose the loans you want to sell either manually or through custom filters, add in a few details, and then sit back and relax as the bids start pouring in.

AGORA is the next generation marketplace for the automotive loan industry that accelerates business and reduces time, costs, and headaches, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

The AGORA team has been in auto finance for decades and senior executives of AGORA have spent over 30 years in the retail auto and BHPH business, running some of the nation’s largest finance companies, servicing organizations, and banks.  Collectively, they have been some of the most active purchasers of loan pools buying more than $15 billion.  The AGORA team has identified friction points for both sellers and buyers of auto loan pools, and created AGORA to address these pain points.

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Who is AGORA?


  • Is my data secure?

    Yes. All data is transmitted over SSL using 2048-bit encryption. Data is then further protected at the storage layer in the Cloud..  All users agree to a terms of use and a mutual non-disclosure of information. Before AGORA, your loan data with non-public information was often emailed to many (shotgun) in a non-secure format.  This is a dangerous practice and in some cases is a violation of GLBA.

  • Who will see my data?

    Before listing a portfolio for sale, your data is never shown to other users.  Upon listing, your loan data is visible only to approved buyers, pre-screened by AGORA.

  • What types of assets does AGORA list?

    Currently, AGORA only facilitates the trading/exchange of auto loans and auto retail installment contracts consisting of prime, near-prime, subprime, and BHPH.  We also have buyers for bankruptcy, deficiency balance accounts, and charge-offs.  All payment frequencies and interest methods are acceptable.

  • Does AGORA set terms of a sale?

    No.  As a Seller, you can set the terms of the sale i.e. all-or-nothing trade, minimum principal balance sale amount, price, recourse, or anything else you want.  It is totally up to you as the Seller.  Buyers can either accept the terms or bid as they see fit and negotiate with the Seller.

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